A gathering.

Life Long Adventures and Wine.

Handcrafted Goods.

Humans with Stories.


Crosswined is first of all people. People around you. People who teach, help, support. They inspire confidence, motivate to achieve together with you. They “go adventurous”, hand at a difficult moment, , share of an experience. Crosswined is humans who joke, rejoice and simply are near by. The ones who eventually become friends and family. The community that you choose for yourself.

Uncategorized. Communal. Integrated.


 The opportunity to test ourselves, our body, our spirit. In this case, there is no compromise, often acting on instincts, at frantic speeds in fairly tough conditions. We forget everything when we are left alone with the elements.

At this moment, you are exactly here now.


Artisanal wines,

Boutiques of host region,

Carefully selected,

Each matching with our souls and our adventures,

Each is a design object.


Our own crafted brands.

Any quality material accompany us.